Sponsor a herbivore


Sponsor a garden bird and receive a digital customised gift certificate

Why not give the gift of paying it forward and get someone special one of our gift certificates!

Do you or your loved one have a favourite animal? Do you want to ensure that your donation goes directly toward the care of a specific species? By purchasing a certificate, you are able to sponsor a species while they’re in our care.

When rehabilitating wildlife, it is best practice to simulate their natural environment as best we can. All our indigenous urban wildlife have specific needs and you can ensure that these needs are met!

Examples of small herbivores that we treat are porcupines, scrub hares, rock hyrax (dassies) and a variety of antelope species ranging from steenbok to duiker. Herbivore young require a different milk formula to other wildlife and each species has its own food requirements once weaned, e.g. indigenous browse, a variety of grass to graze, or roots and tubers. Specially designed housing is required once these species are weaned as they need to be able to graze/browse.

R900 per month will help provide:

– Specialised round the clock veterinary care.

– A specialised diet – milk formula, natural, indigenous grazers, roots, tubers etc.

– Labour-intensive neonatal care.

– A simulated natural habitat – specific to the needs of each species.