Sponsor a garden bird


Sponsor a garden bird and receive a digital customised gift certificate

Why not give the gift of paying it forward and get someone special one of our gift certificates!

Do you or your loved one have a favourite animal? Do you want to ensure that your donation goes directly toward the care of a specific species? By purchasing a certificate, you are able to sponsor a species while they’re in our care.

When rehabilitating wildlife, it is best practice to simulate their natural environment as best we can. All our indigenous urban wildlife have specific needs and you can ensure that these needs are met!

Some of the garden birds we receive are thrushes, sparrows, robins, flycatchers, shrikes, cuckoos and many more. They could be orphaned nestlings, fledglings or injured adults. We need to understand each bird species’ unique behaviour to provide the most effective care. In addition, each species has unique dietary and habitat requirements, from fruit or insects for garden birds to hornbills and kingfishers needing a cavity (box or log) to hide in. Others might need a sand bath or, like the Burchell’s coucal, thick foliage to hide behind.

R350 will help provide:

– Specialised round the clock veterinary care.

– A selection of fruit and insects (mealworms, superworms and crickets)

– A simulated natural habitat – enclosures with specific habitat requirements