Sponsor a pangolin


Sponsor a pangolin and receive a digital customised gift certificate

Why not give the gift of paying it forward and get someone special one of our gift certificates!

Do you or your loved one have a favourite animal? Do you want to ensure that your donation goes directly toward the care of a specific species? By purchasing a certificate, you are able to sponsor a species while they’re in our care.

When rehabilitating wildlife, it is best practice to simulate their natural environment as best we can. All our indigenous urban wildlife have specific needs and you can ensure that these needs are met!

Pangolin are the most illegally trafficked mammal on earth. We treat all ground pangolin confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in South Africa. They are usually compromised – they have often not had food or water from 5 days up to 5 weeks, been kept confined and subjected to high levels of fear and stress, and often without food or water. This protected and endangered species has very specific veterinary and husbandry requirements which are hands-on and involve specialist care. Their veterinary treatment can be over R2000 per pangolin per day.

R10 000 per month will help provide:

– Specialised veterinary care, around the clock.

– Specialised diagnostics (routine CT scans, radiographs and blood tests).

– Daily medical treatment (antibiotics, drips, pain relief, sedatives).

– Labour-intensive care – most patients are walked daily for 4-8 hours.

– Security to protect the animals and our staff and volunteers.