Sponsor a Southern African Python


Sponsor a Southern African python and receive a digital customised gift certificate!

The Southern African Python (Python natalensis) is registered as a protected species in South Africa, meaning that keeping these animals in captivity without permits is illegal and can carry a hefty fine and prison sentence. Despite this, these animals are often trafficked or illegally kept as pets in deplorable conditions. As a result, the pythons in our care commonly require specialist medical care and expert rehabilitation before they can be released. We are committed to saving Southern African Pythons and doing whatever we can to ensure the survival of this species.

R1500 per month will help provide:

– Specialised round the clock veterinary care.

– A specialised diet, including dead prey items.

– Specialised husbandry – these often very large snakes require intensive care from competent and professional staff.

– Simulated natural habitat including a large water source, heat lamps for increasing body temperature, multiple branches, and basking   sites, as well as an enclosed space to sleep.