Sponsor a small carnivorous mammal


Sponsor a small mammal and receive a digital customised gift certificate

Why not give the gift of paying it forward and get someone special one of our gift certificates!

Do you or your loved one have a favourite animal? Do you want to ensure that your donation goes directly toward the care of a specific species? By purchasing a certificate, you are able to sponsor a species while they’re in our care.

When rehabilitating wildlife, it is best practice to simulate their natural environment as best we can. All our indigenous urban wildlife have specific needs and you can ensure that these needs are met!

Small mammals such as bats, hedgehogs, meerkats, squirrels and bush babies are often treated at our hospital and have diverse behaviours and vastly different habitats. Neonate mammals need to be milk-fed and eventually weaned. Once weaned or healthy, they are moved to carefully simulated “mini habitats” to encourage natural behaviour and ensure comfort. Genets, bush babies and tree squirrels need climbing structures and hollow tree trunks as safe sleeping spots. Suricates (meerkats) need deep sand to dig tunnels to hide in, and are carefully introduced into social groups. Hedgehogs need plenty of insects scattered and hidden amongst leaf litter to provide natural enrichment. We raise approximately 100 bats of various species, every year. Once weaned, they are placed in long bat flight tunnels to exercise and get fit.

R1100 per month will help provide:

– Specialised around the clock veterinary care.

– A specialised diet (milk, insects, fruit and dead prey items)

– Labour-intensive neonatal care: feeding, cleaning and habitat enrichment

– A simulated natural habitat specific to each species’ needs​