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Porcupine supporter t-shirt
Porcupine supporter t-shirt

Porcupine supporter t-shirt

From R250.00

limited edition t-shirt
These limited edition t-shirts were created to representing some of our most favourite patients! These tees will feature adapted photo's of some of our patients, taken by our talented core team member, Ashleigh Pienaar. We are selling a limited amount of these tees, and once they're gone, they're gone! We hope to launch a new t-shirt every few months or so - keep your eyes peeled for your favourite animal!

Our first t-shirt includes a design of our South African porcupine (Hystrix africaeaustralis) patient last year - with all her sass and personality, we couldn't resist having her as our first edition of our t-shirt series.

This porcupine was found wandering around in a suburban garden after a massive storm. It was suspected that she was unsettled and flushed from her burrow. Efforts to reunite her with her mother were unsuccessful, and we raised her and completed a soft release with her to ensure that she was successfully integrated back into the wild. The pictures added here show her on one of the initial days we were caring for her as well as a photo on the day of her release.